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Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Solutions Long Beach Cal. February 15th 2009

Craig Van Duren owner of Recover Roofing, one of Southern California's most successful roofing companies and a pioneer in creating cost saving roofing services for over 25 years, is once again forging new ground with Cover Me Green Roofing Co. Cover Me Green Roofing Co. is announcing the application of the sustainable roofing systems and is one of the very first roofing companies to offer the newest in Green roofing technology.


Imagine solar powered rooftops and energy-saving reflectant roof surfaces on nearly every building in Southern California. Imagine cost-saving and green technology roofing systems that are made to pay for themselves with tax credits and rebates, creating new jobs and transforms your energy liabilities into assets. In these challenging economic times, Cover Me Green formerly Recover Roofing is introducing its new sustainable roofing system with the creation of, Cover Me Green Roofing Co.


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